Environmental Policy

Effective date:
May 13, 2022
Last edited:
May 13, 2022


Credentially(Appraise Me Limited) strives to bea leader in environmental sustainability. We believe that a successful futurefor our business and the customers we serve depends on the sustainability ofthe environment, communities, and economies in which we operate.

As a responsiblecorporate citizen, we bear a responsibility to consider the impacts of ouractions and how they affect the environment, both directly in terms of our ownoperations, and indirectly through our purchasing decisions, the products andservices we offer to our customers, and the business opportunities we pursue.

We are fullycommitted to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment.


The requirementsof this policy apply to all entities and employees of Credentially (Appraise MeLimited).

Although thispolicy applies to all entities and employees, the primary audience is thoseresponsible for its implementation, namely the business line leaders and localmanagement of each entity of the Company.

3.Commitment from Credentially (Appraise Me Limited)

We want ourproducts, services, and production to be part of a sustainable society. We arecommitted to:

a)          Environmental Commitments and environmentalmanagement systems:

Protectthe Environment

Credentially(Appraise Me Limited) will protectthe environment, including preventing pollution, through responsible managementof our operations.

Will giveappropriate weight to this environmental policy when making future planning andinvestment decisions.

Will reduceresource consumption, waste and pollution in our operations.

Additionally,Credentially will offset each employee's yearly carbon footprint using carbonfootprint offsetting systems such as a tree planting. The amount to offset willbe calculated as followed:

The average numberof employees during the previous financial period x 4.24 tonnes = The totalestimated CO2 carbon footprint of each employee during working hours (based onan 8 hour working day).



Credentially(Appraise Me Limited) will complywith, or exceed, our environmental obligations.


Credentiallysenior management team will review this policy yearly at the end of eachaccounting period.

Own operations

Credentially(Appraise Me Limited) will minimizethe environmental impacts of our own operations through best practicemanagement of our use of energy, transportation, material consumption, wateruse, waste and emissions.

Will encouragesuppliers, subcontractors, retailers and recycles of our products to adopt thesame environmental principles as Credentially (Appraise Me Limited).


Credentially(Appraise Me Limited) will considerthe environmental performance of our suppliers and the environmental attributesof products and services in our purchasing decisions.

b)  Engagement and Transparency:




Credentially (Appraise Me Limited) will raise employee awareness andsupport employee creativity and enthusiasm with respect to implementing ourenvironmental policies, guidelines, programs, and initiatives.

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