Founded in 2016, Credentially was born to change the candidate journey

Our executive team drive Credentially's innovation through their passion and belief in a better way.


To find a candidate
(on avg.)
What do you need
ATS and HRIS software
Best Software
Trac, Lantum or Eploy

Pre-Onboarding and Compliance

To onboard new hires with Credentially

Onboarding & E-Learning

Automated checks with DBS, GMC, NMC, HCPC and more
Smoother candidate experience

On-going Monitoring

Ongoing Mandatory Training and Policy Management
Ongoing Credentialing Management

Key Benefits

Myth Busting — Speed
Finding a candidate takes 42 days. Pre-employment checks takes a further 60 days. We do pre-employment checks in 5 days through automation. 80/20 rule — fix what takes longer now.
The Difference — Ease
Everyone is looking for a all-in-one solution for the entire journey. It doesn’t exist. There are plenty of software options that do ATS, HRIS and CRM individually, but there is only one best in class software for credentialing, compliance and onboarding and that’s Credentially. Plus, we integrate with all of the above.
Mental Space — Peace
No more manually chasing references, documents or anything ever again. Improve your efficiency of credentialing and annual re-credentialing through automation.
To help employers and clinicians to spend less time on admin, easing their burden so they can spend more time taking care of patients and improve patient safety.
Automating the onboarding compliance procedure using software so candidates can be easily credentialed and automatically re-credentialed.
Automate sign up, compliance and onboarding processes with highly customizable platform to onboard healthcare professionals at speed, check credentials and re-credential them regularly.
Healthcare recruiters and organizations across the world including the UK, USA, Canada and France.
70% fewer candidate drop-offs
Stop losing top candidates to other agencies — easily get them on board in days, not weeks
Ditch those spreadsheets
Automated compliance slashes your manual paperwork by up to 90% and frees up resources
DBS, reference checks & more
Full suite of UK & US integrations (and those reference requests? We’ll chase them for you)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Credentially to onboard for non-clinical roles?

Absolutely, although our software is tailored specifically to the healthcare industry (the very thing that makes us unique!)

How long does it take to get set up?

Typically, we can get you up and running with Credentially in as little as 3 weeks, depending on your organisation's size and how much data you need to migrate.

How much does it cost?

Credentially operates on a simple per-user price basis with no hidden fees. The real question is how much are you going to save with automation?

We understand the challenges

Because we come from healthcare

Our executive team drive Credentially's innovation through their passion and belief in a better way.
Dr Kit Latham
Co-founder & CEO

Being an A&E doctor previously, I understand the amount of paperwork you have to go through.

Our aim is to ease the burden on employers and clinicians by spending less time on compliance and admin.
So you can spend more time taking care of patients and improve patient safety.

Artem Stalpouski
Co-founder & CTO

Artem, a Chevening Scholar and a software engineer worked on large healthcare projects like Heathland and BeTheMatch.

I built software at Healthland, then donor-matching algorithms for US NMDP. I became driven to offer medical software great design and interface.