About Us

Credentially is a B2B SaaS platform streamlining healthcare onboarding and compliance for recruitment agencies and healthcare organisations.

Our Purpose

To enable accessible and safe healthcare

Our Mission

By 2030, each year we intend to

Credential 1 million healthcare workers

Add 10 million hours of patient care to healthcare systems

Credentially’s Digital Onboarding

Credentially's platform automates crucial steps in onboarding and compliance - ID verification, reference checks, document management, compliance alerts and more - slashing onboarding from weeks to days.

Credentially Supports the Recruitment Industry

Credentially Empowers


To get placed faster with a candidate-led onboarding platform and a centralised hub to cover the onboarding and compliance process.

Candidate Testimonials


Reduce time-to-hire and candidate drop-out rates with lightning-fast, customisable onboarding and automated processes, minimising manual admin tasks.

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Healthcare Organisations

With faster onboarding (from 60 days down to 5) means quicker staffing, easing burnout and putting more healthcare professionals where they're needed most - caring for patients.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a future in which healthcare professionals are liberated from administrative burdens and compliance complexities, enabling them to dedicate their full attention to what matters most: delivering exceptional patient care.

Born in 2016 with a mission to empower both employers and clinicians, Credentially has blossomed into a leading force in healthcare onboarding and compliance, transforming the candidate journey.

Our ever-growing team is fuelled by a shared passion for innovation and a deep commitment to serving the healthcare community.

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