Credentially Features

Delivered and Upcoming

To make your onboarding & compliance even easier, the Credentially development team are constantly beavering away to bring extra features to the platform. Here’s a recap of what we’ve brought to you so far, and all the good stuff to come!


Advanced Right to Work checking (for onboarding EU and overseas candidates)
Export data from individual profiles
Ability to configure document compliance rules
Assign staff members to specific administrators
Credentially remembers your data filters between sessions
Flexible Compliance - our most powerful automation feature yet
Customisable sign-up / registration page
Automated cross-references against Nursys database (for U.S customers)
And, of course, we’re continually making improvements to the look and feel of your Credentially experience.
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Coming soon

Shiny New OCR Engine
  • Upgrading our current document recognition engine to a more advanced version. Improving quality of automatic document classification and data extraction
UK Digital ID
  • Integration with UK digital ID trust framework
FCR “Mark as Done”
  • Further improvement of Flexible Compliance packages, including the function to manually mark compliance requirements as fulfilled
Wider eSignature Functionality

Ability to e-sign documents and forms across the system

Reference Expiration Dates Support

Ability to assign expiry dates to references

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