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Elspeth Griffiths
Director of HR, Workforce and OD @ South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit
Through automation of checks and a streamlined candidate experience, CCAS was rapidly able to increase their ability to process candidates from 50 to over 1000 per week. The Credentially team were excellent, we could not have delivered the service without them. They were very responsive to all of our queries, adjustments and requirements.
Megan Howell
HR officer
My favourite thing about Credentially is how customisable it is, so you can make sure it meets our specific requirements. The customer service is absolutely brilliant - our questions always get a really quick response, and if we have any issues our account manager is always really responsive and receptive and works with the dev team to make it fit our needs.
Luisa Gaiteri 
Clinical Recruiter
Having a single, safe site to store all GP records and compliance data is priceless. Gaining references has become streamlined, with automated reminders switched on it has really helped increase the number of references we gain. We can see all notifications and updates in real-time, so we'll know if someone's DBS has expired.
Chris Beauchamp
HR Manager
We have progressed to a smooth operating system which also enables us to manage the candidates experience, maintain compliance and view valuable recruitment analytical data on a weekly basis. Credentially has firmly established itself as a vital tool in our recruitment structure.
Credentially is able to help support the Primary Care Network including GP Practices and GP Federations with:

Setting up Enhanced Access Services that need to go live from October 2022

CQC compliance

From 60 days down to 5 days for your average onboarding time

How it Works

  • Tailored walkthrough
  • Proposal based on the number of users
  • Agree on a start date
  • Meet the team & train your staff
  • We build and complete your custom portal
  • We’ll even migrate your current data
  • Automate onboarding and checks
  • Provide the best onboarding experience
  • Leave Excel behind and impress CQC
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Covid Clinical Assessment Service (CCAS)

Case Study

In 2020, with a global pandemic straining our client's ability to credential and manage resources, Credentially volunteered their team and technology to assist them providers with onboarding an emergency workforce.

CCAS needed to recruit and verify tens of thousands of staff, including recently retired GPs, AHPs, and Paramedics. This became a huge and time-sensitive challenge for credentialing teams.

In the first three weeks, Credentially worked with CCAS to onboard 3000 staff. Together, we increased candidate processing from 50 to 1000 candidates per week, a 1900% increase.

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A ten minute custom walkthrough
could save you millions

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It’s transformed the way we onboard doctors – we’re confident on compliance, save huge admin time, and our doctors find it straightforward to use.
Dr Yvette Coldicott
Chief Medical Officer
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A ten minute custom walkthrough
could save you millions

10 minutes
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