Frequently Asked Questions

What is Credentially, anyway?

The best healthcare software your clinical admin team will ever know.

Credentially automates your entire onboarding process, including pre-employment checks, right to work, practising privileges and ongoing compliance.

It’s a secure place to digitally store all staff records, and our smart automation technology notifies both you and the clinician when things are close to the expiry date.

We’re also the only onboarding and compliance software designed by healthcare workers, for healthcare workers.

How does it work?

You know those thousand-and-one things you have to check and verify before you can get a clinician practising for your organisation? Credentially automates all of them.

And you know how you still have to re-check your million spreadsheets to make sure all the things are still compliant and up to date? Credentially automates all that, too.

In a nutshell, we take an onboarding process which typically takes around 60 days and smoosh it down to just 5 with automations that are bespoke to your business model. The end result is a stress-free experience for the candidate you want to recruit, and an admin team that isn’t tearing their hair out having to manually review every scrappy document that gets sent their way.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual onboarding and hello to a more streamlined and efficient process with Credentially.

Are we the right size for Credentially?

YES! (Probably.)

We’ve partnered with some gigantic names across the healthcare sphere, but we’re also helping start-ups and smaller organisations. In general, our automation software is designed for a minimum of 25 users - however, if you're planning to expand and have fewer users currently, we'd still be happy to demonstrate the benefits of Credentially for your growth plans.

How does Credentially handle expired documents and notifications?

Credentially is designed to be proactive rather than reactive, so we'll notify both the admin staff and clinicians ahead of time when certificates are approaching their renewal date. If the renewal date passes without action, additional alerts will be sent as well. The frequency and type of notifications are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your organization.

By automating the expiration notification process, Credentially helps you stay compliant and avoid any disruptions in the onboarding process. Our smart automation technology ensures that all necessary documents are kept up to date, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Will I still have to chase applicant references?

Heck no. Credentially does that for you too (and with a dramatically improved success rate than manually requesting references!)

What if I have different compliance requirements…

Aha, we thought of that!

This is where our Flexible Compliance feature comes in, allowing you to easily set up different requirement ‘packages’ for each role - for instance, if you want to see different credentials for a brand new doctor joining the company compared to a long-standing consultant, it’s incredibly easy to configure.

You could even set it so that all senior radiologists from Swindon have to submit a photo of a bengal cat during their onboarding.

Not sure why you’d want to, but you could.

Can I use Credentially to recruit non-clinical staff?

The main thing that separates Credentially from other, generic solutions is that we are tailored towards the healthcare industry. That is to say the platform works best for onboarding clinical staff, but it’s perfectly capable of handling non-clinical roles too.

Do you integrate with the DBS Update Service?

Indeed. Whether the employee in question is on the Update Service or not, Credentially will have a digital chinwag with the Disclosure and Barring Service on a weekly basis to make sure everything’s square. All other licence checks are carried out daily.

With Which other services do you integrate?


With regards to professional bodies, we’re fully integrated with GMC, NMC, NHS England, HCPC, uCheck… the list goes on.

We also integrate with many of the HRIS and CRM systems you're used to, and the list is growing. If we don't currently provide integration for a particular software, we can provide API documentation and support to build that bridge.

Does Credentially have a feature for scheduling staff rotas?

As we actively work on new features to make Credentially the industry standard for medical onboarding and compliance, ancillary features such as rostering are not currently on our product road map (which can be seen here).

Does Credentially work outside of the UK?

While Credentially was founded and built in sort-of sunny England, the software is fully geared to work on a global level and serves active customers around the world.

Can the system handle EU/Overseas applicants?

If the role you’re hiring for is open to applicants outside the UK, it’s as simple as checking a box on the admin side. The candidate will be prompted for the relevant paperwork, and we’ll do the rest.

What about America?

Great news on that front: Credentially integrates beautifully with services including (but certainly not limited to) SAM, OIG, Nursys and Checkr.

How quickly can I get started with Credentially?

A true FAQ from all those who have finished one of our live demos! The answer depends on the size of your organisation and the orderliness of your current data, but typically the set-up process takes around 3 weeks.

Our onboarding process is a bit weird…

We totally get that every organisation has a different process for onboarding applicants (and at this stage we’ve probably seen them all!)

With this in mind, we’ve baked flexibility right into the software. During our initial set-up discussion we’ll sit down together and mirror your current onboarding and application process.

Do you tend to do interviews first before collecting ID documents? Great. Would you rather the applicant completes their Right to Work checks before they get the chance to put a CV on your virtual desk? Also great.

Thereafter, you can optimise the applicant journey by adding or removing steps with just a few clicks, in any order you choose. And yes, this process can be configured differently for each clinical role.

Can we have our own corporate branding on the platform?

Not only can you do it, we encourage it.

We’ll help you get set up so that both candidates and admin staff alike see your company’s logos, videos and info in place of the Credentially branding.

How much does it cost?

The real question is: how much is it going to save once Credentially has automated the many hours of manual paperwork?

Okay, that wasn’t quite what you were asking. Here goes: the price is a monthly charge, set on a per-user basis. The exact per-user rate is dependent on the scale we’re looking at; organisations with hundreds or even thousands of users will be subject to a lower cost per user.

And I’m guessing there are a load of hidden fees…

Nope - the core product is fully included within the initial set-up fee and a price based on number of users. Additional features (which are purely optional) include advanced reporting, uCheck integration and SSO, which carry an additional charge.

Click here to chat to one of our product specialists to discuss your requirements and get a no-obligation quote.

Can I import my current staff data?

You sure can! See this guide on how to prepare for a mass import - also contains cost information if you’d rather we did the donkey work for you. There’s no shame in that.

Can I export all of my data?

Very easily (and securely) - this is the guide for you.

Is my company’s data safe with Credentially?

We’re fully GDPR compliant, ICO registered and ISO certified. Data security is a major cornerstone of the Credentially platform, and always will be.