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Case Study: Medicspot

About Medicspot

Remote clinical provider, Medicspot started out as a private medical service, using video links to provide virtual consultations.

With over 300 clinic locations across England and Scotland, Medicspot offers examinations, prescriptions, referral letters, sick notes and more.
Understanding the need for innovative technology, Medicspot believes in improving the quality of healthcare for all, with a vision to change lives with transformative care, putting patients first.
Recently, with the outbreak of COVID-19, Medicspot have been supplying COVID tests, which has been a large part of the business focus over the past 12 months.

Getting compliant

Like many healthcare providers, ensuring staff are compliant is crucial and could often be a challenge.
Identifying the need to set up automation in the onboarding process, Medicspot implemented the Credentially software in 2018 to help make the process of gaining compliance documents and references more streamlined.
Chasing clinicians and GPs for references and compliance documents was a huge challenge and a route Medicspot didn’t want to go down.

Automated compliance

“As a healthcare provider, we always do background checks on clinicians, including DBS.” says Karen Sloan, HR Administrator and Facilities Co-ordinator at Medicspot.
“We wanted a system that could help automate compliance and turn red crosses into green ticks” continues Sloan.

A key feature of Credentially that Medicspot use is the dashboard to see who is and isn’t compliant.
“Credentially shows you when people are not compliant, and when documents and certificates are expiring.” Having this single view of staff compliance ensures Sloan and her team can keep on top of clinician status to improve patient safety, which is key to CQC compliance.

Improving candidate experience

“It’s really good having a straightforward process for our GPs when they sign up to work with us.” Explains Sloan.

Establishing a simple process for clinicians to follow during the onboarding process is key to ensuring providers can get the best available staff, and quickly, which is why making the candidate experience hassle free is a must.
When we onboard GPs, we send them over a link, and they gain access to the system to upload their documents. It's very straightforward and not at all clunky.

Continued support

“Communication is always there with Credentially and the Customer Success Team. The team quite often contact me back within ten-minutes of asking, even though I know they are busy.” Sloan explains.
“Credentially is simple to use, so we don’t have too many issues, but when I do contact the Customer Success team, they are always happy to help. The communication is great, and if they can’t get something actioned straight away, they always acknowledge emails and requests, which is great.” Concludes Sloan.
When asked to sum up Credentially in one sentence, Sloan simply stated, “Awesome.”

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Ready to revolutionise your onboarding & compliance?
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Ready to revolutionise your onboarding & compliance?
See Credentially in Action