A better way to do onboarding & ongoing travel nursing compliance

Combat high turnover rates with tried and trusted automation. Have a fully licensed, credentialled staff bank of travel nurses, wherever they are and whatever their specialty.
Onboarded in days
Credentially’s automation results in 70% fewer candidate dropouts, by making all the necessary pre-employments checks quick and easy for new travel nurses and your admin team.
Pre-ready compliant staff
The traffic light system and personalised dashboard for all your travel nurses keeps everyone on your system regulated, across states and within company requirements
Improve your margins
No more re-registering, no more time consuming spreadsheets, and a self regulated bank of credentialed travel nurses means no more paying premium rates.
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Less chasing, more placing
A Credentially software to build and maintain a staff bank of ready-to-work nurses is being used by over 54,000 healthcare workers.
Your operations team can process
5x more RN using Credentially
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OCR Scanning
A tailored, automated pre-employment process means travel nurses can onboard within days, rather than weeks, including nursing exam qualifications, security checks, and state requirements.
Dashboard Overview
Remove the necessity for outsourcing, freeing up time and financial resources that would have been spent on vendors. You’re the one who gets the best nurses in the fastest time!
Central Data Hub
More admin managers per candidate saves money on new recruits, and having the best nurses means you don’t need to pay premium rates for RNs in high-demand areas

Integrates with

Give your applicant tracking systems and HR systems the shot of adrenalin it needs to get on top and stay on top of the competition
Nursys and Checkr
Run automated license checks on all candidates, with ongoing compliance checked on a daily and weekly basis
Full peace of mind with automated cross screening of candidates against major USA exclusion lists
Your Staff Bank
Import and grow your existing staff bank, allowing you to self-monitor and place your registered nurses with end-to-end, flexible compliance

Don’t Miss Out

Credentialing software ensures your organization can meet the regulatory standards set by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and The Joint Commission.

From application to complete onboarding, candidates are managed in one user-friendly platform. This means instant viewing of data such as automated reference checks, professional liability insurance and expiring documents, and group mass data of searched roles

Stop re-signing travel nurses every 14-17 weeks, they can all be on your roster, ready to go. And with a single administrator credentialing 5x more clinicians on average, you’d be saving circa $55,000 per staff member

See how Sherri and the team at Pulse have made their candidate journey easier and more efficient using Credentially

Less admin, more growth

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