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Fast Track Your Onboarding like NRW to 4 Days!

Time. It's one resource that never seems to be enough in the recruitment industry, right? What if I told you there's a way to onboard healthcare professionals not in weeks but in just 4 days? Sound too good to be true?

This isn't a hypothetical scenario. It's the very transformation that Network Recruitment Wales (NRW) achieved, and you can too. Through this case study, not only will you unearth the secrets behind their swift success, but you'll also gather insights to craft a similar triumph for your agency. Let's give you a roadmap:

  • The Challenges: Delve deep into the intricacies of the obstacles NRW encountered. Do they echo your experiences?
  • Innovative Strategies: Explore the balanced integration of modern technology with the essential human element that underpins NRW's success.
  • Results in Action: Observe the tangible shifts in NRW's process that led to an efficient 4-day onboarding outcome.
  • Learning from NRW: How Their Onboarding Success Can Shape Your Strategies

Join us on this journey, and by its conclusion, you might just find yourself reimagining the very fabric of your onboarding and compliance strategies.

The Hurdles of Traditional Onboarding in Healthcare

In the demanding landscape of healthcare, professionals often find pockets of time – maybe during a fleeting break or in between demanding shifts – to engage in job hunting or to address onboarding tasks. Their hectic schedules don't always align with the conventional 9-5, and if you're in healthcare staffing, you're no stranger to the difficulties this can present.

For NRW, Wales' leading healthcare recruiter, this obstacle represented more than a minor setback; it was a significant roadblock that demanded a creative solution. As Teresa, Compliance Manager, pointed out, "something they (candidates) could do outside of our office hours… anywhere, anytime." They recognised the time constraints weighing down healthcare professionals and were driven to find a remedy that would help HR swiftly and seamlessly onboard them.

One For The History Books: A Struggle Many Can Identify With

NRW's experience was one that, I suspect, isn't alien to many in the recruitment industry. Endless email loops, relentless document hunts, and that ever-present inefficiency cloud. It was “led very much by us... And not the candidate, and an awful lot of chasing, it was task orientated”, explains Vicky Rees, Head of Candidate and Clinical Services at NRW. Beyond inefficiency, it began impacting candidate retention. When the onboarding process becomes a labyrinth, it's no surprise when candidates decide to venture elsewhere.

If these scenarios sound somewhat familiar or echo concerns you've mulled over in strategic discussions, then NRW's transformative journey may provide the answers and inspiration you've been seeking. 

So, what was the pivotal turning point in their journey? In NRW's story, the game-changer was Credentially.

The Seamless Transition: How Credentially Changes NRW's Processes.

If the challenges NRW faced resonate with your own experiences, you'll appreciate the profound shift they underwent. Their journey might illuminate a path for your own transformation. Credentially's B2B software can significantly enhance fill rates from 5 to 20 positions per week. However, Embracing Credentially wasn't just about adopting a new tool; it was about transforming their entire approach to onboarding. Think about Amazon: their easy checkout process highlights the power of user experience. And as we delve deeper, you'll begin to see patterns that may well reflect opportunities in your own agency.

Embracing Automation, Not Just Technology

By embracing Credentially, NRW managed to cut through the clutter and focus on what mattered most: genuine relationships. "They (the candidates) like the fact they’re in control, we like the fact they're in control, we’re not chasing so much, we’re not nagging so much - the system does that!" Vicky highlights. Automated DBS checks and real-time document scans not only made things faster but also ensured a consistent, human-centric approach. But, as you'll see, it wasn't about merely integrating a new system but transforming their very approach.

Redefining the Onboarding Experience

With Credentially, the onboarding journey for candidates becomes as smooth as a Sunday morning drive, with a clear, well-lit path that's custom-made for their specific roles

For the NRW HR team, the task-oriented processes were replaced by a candidate-led approach. Integrating Credentially was more than just adopting technology, it's a mindset shift where candidates are placed at the very heart of the process.

Efficiency isn't only about onboarding; it's also about ongoing management, and this is where the right tools can truly shine.

The Power of an Insightful Dashboard

Ever wished for a dashboard that tells you everything without forcing you to sift through endless information, like finding a needle in a haystack? That's what Credentially offered NRW. "Its got, at a glance, where everybody is, what the compliance is for each person, how far along they are, how many more documents they need if anything’s outstanding, so being able to see that at the tips of your fingers is great”, Teresa explains. And in the recruitment industry, what's more crucial than compliance?

Compliance Made Clear

When it comes to preparing candidates for work, you'll be familiar with the complexities of compliance checks. Credentially automated these checks for NRW, providing real-time information and reducing compliance-related challenges. Credentially has previously increased compliance rate 68% to an average of 95% maintenance in just 2 months. NRW HR team now has real-time insights, spotting potential compliance hiccups before they turn into significant issues. Think of it as having a diligent assistant, always on the lookout. But as we know, recruitment doesn't stop at just sourcing and compliance. How can you further optimise your strategies? Let's see how NRW transformed data into insights.

Data-driven Decision-making: From Numbers to Insight

Recruitment is as much an art as it is a science. For NRW, raw data became actionable strategies with Credentially's robust reporting capabilities. The key is turning sheer numbers into strategic insights, paving the way for informed decisions that truly make an impact.

With all these upgrades and optimisations in place, NRW reached an enviable benchmark in their onboarding process. As we segue into the impact of these changes, consider how these lessons might be mirrored in your own setup.

Learning from NRW: How Their Onboarding Success Can Shape Your Strategies

Achieving the 4-Day Onboarding Benchmark

As we've delved into NRW's journey, one notable outcome is their 4-day onboarding transformation. Think about your current recruitment workflow. How can Credentially help streamline yours?

Question to Ask Yourself

The promise of technology is immense, but it shouldn't come at the cost of personal connections. If you've shared NRW's concerns about balancing tech with touch, their approach offers insights. By automating certain tasks, they could emphasise genuine relationships. Ask yourself: How can you harness technology to enhance, not replace, the human element in your recruitment process?

Gaining Competitive Advantage: Key Questions

In the realm of recruitment, even a slight edge can make a significant difference. NRW's strategy with Credentially gave them that advantage. Reflect on this: Can streamlining your onboarding process position you as a candidate's preferred choice? As an NRW representative highlighted, being the top pick isn't only about speed but the overall experience. How can you enhance both in your agency?

Innovating Onboarding: Insights from NRW's Success

NRW's journey with Credentially reminds us that innovation can save not just time but also enhance the candidate experience. It's not just about adopting technology; it's about using it to bring the personal touch back into recruitment. As you reflect on this case study, consider how you can streamline your processes, improve transparency, and maintain authenticity. If you're curious about its potential for your onboarding process, check out Credentially's hands-on interactive demo, which you can also do in your own time and anywhere.

Ready to revolutionise your onboarding & compliance?
See Credentially in Action
Ready to revolutionise your onboarding & compliance?
See Credentially in Action