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Case Study: Ison Nursing

How to Onboard a Clinician in Just One Day

Ison went from onboarding in 3 weeks (at best!) to onboarding a clinician in just one day by automating their onboarding.

Ison nursing agency and care services have provided recruitment and staffing solutions for over 25 years. But over the years, with a growing industry and an increase in demand for staff, their traditional methods of onboarding using Excel files were holding them back.

In this case study, we’re going to break down the two main issues which prevented Ison from increasing hired employees, how Credentially reduced their onboarding times and how it can reduce yours too.

The problem is Excel, not HR.

‘We’re losing candidates because we’re taking too long to get them compliant.’

I’m sure you're all too familiar with scrolling through Excel sheets, line after line, double checking each candidate has ticked off certain criteria, e.g. they've produced their qualification certificates, have had a DBS check done, a reference, ID, right to work evidence, completed training and so forth. This strenuous task was the same chore holding back Ison. 

As the need to hire lots of staff quickly grew, using Excel to store and manage data became inefficient for Ison; as Francess Chukwude, the Operations Director of Ison, explains,

“Things are easily missed, people can fall under the radar, it’s too prone to human error”.

Just like Ison, you also know the frustration of a clinician you felt was perfect for a role slip through your fingers simply because your onboarding process was taking too long. 

It happens far too often, both internally and at recruitment agencies. You both struggle with the same issues of manually credentialing each candidate, which is slow and prone to human error.

The main problem organisations like Ison had wasn’t not having an HR team skilled in Excel or too many candidates, but the biggest issue was not knowing there’s a better way to onboard, far better and faster than Excel.

How Credentially leaves Excel in the dust

To increase the number of hired employees and cut onboarding times, Ison turned to Credentially. Although initially sceptical that such software could reduce onboarding from weeks to days, a free demo with one of our experts soon changed their mind. 

Credentially platform provides easy to use interface for both candidates and hiring managers.

The candidates have a user-friendly screen to track their onboarding, with step-by-step tasks to upload their information, including uploading images of certificates and passports straight from their phones.

On the hiring managers' side, a simple dashboard awaits them with a traffic light system to show which candidates are and are not compliant.

Green for fully compliant and red for non-compliant, as well as highlighting which part of the onboarding process has been neglected.

Now that is something Excel cannot do and saves hours of admin work.

Don’t blame HR; your systems are just outdated

As a healthcare provider, having all staff compliant is essential.

Not knowing when someone will become or has become not compliant creates a big hassle. There’s no feature on excel to flag expired documents or automatically highlight non-compliant staff. Once the non-compliance is discovered, there is a rush to make them compliant and quickly get them back onto the rota, ‘it was a nightmare,’ Francess explains. 

Excel can’t give you a heads-up, but we can

‘Credentially helps us stay compliant, so patients are safe.’

When candidates onboard using Credentially, expiry dates are automatically detected from uploaded documents. Credentially keeps healthcare employees compliant in real-time by sending automatic expiry reminders to employees and management and preventing non-compliant staff from booking shifts.

Automated emails in Credentially are utilised in many ways, such as automated emails to referees for references and following up on clinicians who have abandoned the signup process - so valuable hires aren't lost. 

The choice is simple!

Credentially automates healthcare onboarding with a user-friendly interface for candidates to upload their information, track their onboarding, email reminders for expired documents, automated emails to referees, weekly DBS checks and more. These features tackled two of Ison's biggest issues: manually checking candidates on an excel sheet, which is extremely time-consuming and not knowing if someone has become non-compliant. By removing these barriers, Ison was able to hire a clinician in just one day.

If all this sounds too good to be true or we’ve piqued your interest, book a free demo to see Credentailly in action. A member of the team can show you the many features Credentailly has to offer to reduce the average onboarding time from 60 days to just 5 days… or even just one!

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Ready to revolutionise your onboarding & compliance?
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Ready to revolutionise your onboarding & compliance?
See Credentially in Action