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Case Study: Dr Care Anywhere

Founded in 2014 by Doctors on a mission to utilise technology so that patients could see a GP in a more effective way, Doctor Care Anywhere is a private clinical service company providing GP consultations via phone and video alongside remote Specialist advice and guidance. Doctors are either salaried or self-employed, but all work regularly for Doctor Care Anywhere and are obliged to meet the Doctor Care Anywhere standards for training and registration.


Doctor Care Anywhere onboarded new Doctors manually, which was not only time-consuming but also very inefficient. The process was frustrating for applicants, many of whom  dropped out as a result. The company launched a new product early in 2019 that required a large number of additional Doctors from different specialities quickly. DCA wanted the experience for them to be as smooth as possible in order to attract the best candidates.

Meanwhile, with increasing numbers of Doctors working and a small Clinical Operations team, it was becoming increasingly difficult to be confident that 100% of Doctors were compliant. Expiry dates varied from course to course, and from Doctor to Doctor. Even alerts built into the spreadsheet system didn’t help. Each time an expiry date approached, a member of staff had to email the Doctor to ask for the updated certificate and then continue to send reminders until the necessary paperwork was received.

It was clear that these manual processes were not sustainable.

Doctor Care Anywhere had two main pain points. They were not able to:

  • Easily recruit and engage candidates
  • Be assured that existing employees were compliant with the company’s mandatory registration and training requirements at all times

Solution - Doctor Care Anywhere introduced Credentially

In early 2019, Doctor Care Anywhere transitioned to an automated onboarding and compliance monitoring system Credentially. New applicants were able to complete all their onboarding paperwork online. They were sent timely email reminders if they stopped mid-way through the process. Existing Doctors’ paperwork was also uploaded into the system. They received email reminders when the time came for them to update their training.

  • 127 users rapidly onboarded and using the system
  • More than 800 reminders sent
  • More than 450 expiring or expired documents identified


Less staff time is spent chasing documents, and 100% compliance is now a reality.

Doctor Care Anywhere invites new Doctors to use Credentially which takes them through the onboarding process step by step. Staff have easy visibility of which Doctors are not compliant so employees who are not 100% compliant cannot book shifts. This in turn, ensures that the service keeps the safety of their patients at the heart of all they do.  

What Doctor Care Anywhere loves about Credentially

Custom requirements for different roles

"We have different healthcare professionals working in different employment models and the documentation requirements that we have for each are therefore different. Credentially makes it really easy to know when an individual is compliant or not, regardless of their role."

Seamless integrations

"Credentially is integrated to the DBS for people on the updates service, as well as the GMC and the Performers’ lists, so we know that our Doctors have valid registrations."

Short feedback loop

"We love the way the team at Credentially listen to our suggestions. There are regular releases and it’s great to see the things we wished turning into reality."

Easy document upload

"There are a number of ways to get documents onto the system now, so there’s something for everybody. The one that has been really popular with our Doctors is the ability for them to take a photo on their phone and upload it straight to their profile."

Accept, reject and comment

"It’s great to be able to reject a document and send a comment straight to the Doctor for them to know what’s wrong with it. Internally, we can also pop notes by a document if we have verified something unusual, which helps maintain a clear audit trail."

Speedy onboarding

"When we ask a new doctor to complete our onboarding process we know that they are going to be fitting this in between countless other things. It’s great that it only takes about 10 minutes to go through the whole thing."

Automatic reminders

"The automated reminders sent to employees when documents are getting close to their expiry date saves us a lot of time chasing people for updates."

Intuitive design

"Credentially is really intuitive and user-friendly. It takes no time at all to get new colleagues up to speed with the admin portal and Doctors seem to have no problems following the steps to get themselves set up either."

Customer Support

"The team at Credentially are amazing! If we ever have any issues they get straight on to them. And if we come across a bug, it is always fixed at lightning speed. They really are a pleasure to work with!"

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Ready to revolutionise your onboarding & compliance?
See Credentially in Action
Ready to revolutionise your onboarding & compliance?
See Credentially in Action