Who We Serve: HR Teams

Helping you provide a fantastic working experience for your staff while reducing the manual admin that lets you deliver it.
  • Centralised Data Management - no more unsecured documents spread over the cloud. Keep all staff profiles and documents in one place, with every change recorded for easy auditing.
  • No more chasing - reference checks, RTW documentation, DBS certificates... all self-uploaded, and all automated.
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience - hit 100% compliance across your entire staff bank with live reporting to prove it. CQC, HTE and audit friendly.
Trusted by 54,000+ registered clinicians Globally
Elspeth Griffiths
Director of HR, Workforce and OD @ South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit
Through automation of checks and a streamlined candidate experience, CCAS was rapidly able to increase their ability to process candidates from 50 to over 1000 per week. The Credentially team were excellent, we could not have delivered the service without them. They were very responsive to all of our queries, adjustments and requirements.
Megan Howell
HR officer
My favourite thing about Credentially is how customisable it is, so you can make sure it meets our specific requirements. The customer service is absolutely brilliant - our questions always get a really quick response, and if we have any issues our account manager is always really responsive and receptive and works with the dev team to make it fit our needs.
Luisa Gaiteri 
Clinical Recruiter
Having a single, safe site to store all GP records and compliance data is priceless. Gaining references has become streamlined, with automated reminders switched on it has really helped increase the number of references we gain. We can see all notifications and updates in real-time, so we'll know if someone's DBS has expired.
Chris Beauchamp
HR Manager
We have progressed to a smooth operating system which also enables us to manage the candidates experience, maintain compliance and view valuable recruitment analytical data on a weekly basis. Credentially has firmly established itself as a vital tool in our recruitment structure.

A Smarter Staff Platform

A fluid, unified experience for your onboarders

  • Your Look, Your Credentially - tailor your platform to become an extension of your own organisation.
  • Custom Welcome Screen - give staff a warm introduction to your company and keep them engaged throughout the process (drastically reducing candidate drop-out rates.)
  • Premium Support Included - all Credentially customers have access to our wonderful Customer Success team, who will customise your platform exactly to your liking.

We will be acting as your data processor, which means you no longer have to worry about GDPR data subject requests from your doctors - we will take care of their HR and compliance records, excluding the information that’s only useful for your company such as their payment information and clinical records. You will remain in control of the information as a data controller.

An easy, self-serve onboarding process that keeps applicants engaged throughout the (short!) journey from discovering you to signing a contract.

Advanced Reporting

Identify the pain points in your onboarding process and dazzle the CQC (plus your managers!) with beautiful compliance reports.
11 hours
Per week saved on HR monitoring and compliance. Reduced 21 to 10 hours per week. That's 48% saving in admin time.
6 days
Average time to hire.
Reduced by 70% from an average 18-20 days.
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Less admin, more growth

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