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Delivered and Upcoming

To make your onboarding & compliance even easier, the Credentially development team are constantly beavering away to bring extra features to the platform. Here’s a recap of what we’ve brought to you so far, and all the good stuff to come!


Automated cross-references against Nursys database (for U.S customers)
Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality
Branded reference printing
Initiate Checkr background checks directly in-platform
Cross-screening candidates against exclusion lists directly from Credentially
Cross-screening candidates against OIG (Officer of Inspector General) exclusion database
Ready-to-use public API to integrate Credentially into a customer’s infrastructure (with scalability)
Enhanced authorisation features including SSO, 2FA and alternative logins/custom passwords
And, of course, we’re continually making improvements to the look and feel of your Credentially experience.
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Coming soon

Shiny New OCR Engine
  • Upgrading our current document recognition engine to a more advanced version. Improving quality of automatic document classification and data extraction
Customer Branding
  • Co-branding of invitation emails, notifications, onboarding and documents
Onboarding Redesign
  • User interface improvements to the onboarding process portal
Checkr: The Supercharged Update
  • Adding a step for background steps to Onboarding
  • Adding Checkr to compliance requirements packages
  • Ability to adjudicate background check results directly from within Credentially
  • Adding function to send Background Checks email notifications from Credentially

    *EIN requirements may apply
Customisable Profile
  • Functionality to allow customers to edit a candidate’s profile, e.g control which fields are displayed and add custom fields.
Flexible Compliance — References
  • Expanding the FCR engine with the ability to assign several reference forms to the same candidate (personal, professional, etc.)
UK Digital ID
  • Integration with UK digital ID trust framework
Profile Data Mapping
  • Auto-filling candidates’ profiles with data extracted by OCR (automatic document scanning)
Reporting and Export Improvement
  • Unified export functionality across the Credentially platform
Onboarding Upgrade

Ease-of-use feature introduction including:

  • Support for multiple Sign Organisation Documents steps within Onboarding
  • Configurable Read & Download onboarding steps
FCR “Mark as Done”
  • Further improvement of Flexible Compliance packages, including the function to manually mark compliance requirements as fulfilled

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