Credentially's Podcast Ep: 4

Behind the Curtain of Healthcare: Burnout, Shortages, and Disempowerment

  • 0:00Introduction
  • 0:30Healthcare is a "life or death" business and technology in healthcare lags behind other industries
  • 2:29Challenges facing healthcare workers today including burnout and depersonalization
  • 3:30Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the healthcare industry
  • 5:22Importance of language in healthcare
  • 6:19Change in expectations for healthcare workers during the pandemic
  • 11:12Challenges of changing the culture in healthcare
  • 12:59Difficulty of accommodating staff hours for flexibility
  • 14:06The negative spiral that can occur when senior doctors are intimidating towards junior doctors.
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In episode 4 of the Credentially podcast, CEO Dr. Kit Latham and business developer Tjasa Zajc discuss the challenges facing healthcare today. As former A&E doctor and CEO of Credentially, Dr. Latham brings a wealth of experience to the table, while Tjasa Zajc, Founder & Host of Faces of Digital Health, provides a unique perspective as a business developer in the healthcare industry.

The conversation kicks off with Dr. Latham expressing his belief that healthcare is a "life or death" business and how technology in healthcare is lagging behind other industries like online retail, gambling, and gaming. Tjasa agrees, noting that healthcare is structured, rigid, and robust, making it difficult to implement changes. But is it true that healthcare is behind in technology? Why is it so hard to make changes in healthcare?

The two delve further into the challenges facing healthcare workers today, including burnout and depersonalization due to high stress levels and repetitive work. They also discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the healthcare industry, with Dr. Latham noting that Credentially has seen an "implosion of people seeking on-demand care" and Tjasa discussing how the pandemic has changed expectations for healthcare workers, with many seeking higher pay and more flexibility. How does the pandemic affect the healthcare worker's burnout? How does it change the healthcare worker's expectations?

The conversation also touches on the importance of scraping the language used in healthcare and how it can empower or disempower patients and healthcare workers. They also discuss the challenges of scraping the culture in healthcare, including the difficulty of changing the status quo, and the negative spiral that can occur when senior doctors are intimidating towards junior doctors. How does language used in healthcare affect patients and healthcare workers? How can we change the culture in healthcare?

Overall, this episode of the Credentially podcast provides a thought-provoking and in-depth look at the challenges facing healthcare today and the steps that can be taken to address them. Are you curious about the challenges facing healthcare today? Tune in to the Credentially podcast to find out! And join in the conversation by asking yourself these questions and searching for the answers.

Tjasa Zajc
Digital Health Expert and Host of Faces of Digital Health
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