Credentially's Podcast Ep: 2

Fixing a Multi-Million Dollar Problem

Credentially’s Podcast challenges and provides key insights into the healthcare industry. In this second episode, we are joined by an industry leader to discuss the current challenges in healthcare recruitment costing organisations millions of dollars.

One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is the staffing shortage and the lucrative option of working as a locum.

Locum work offers medical staff much better benefits than employment, including flexible working hours and double pay. For an industry suffering from overworked staff in a staffing shortage, locum has become a lifeline for many healthcare professionals to continue working in an industry they love without having to compromise their own mental well-being.

But is locum really the answer our problem? Or has it become part of the staffing shortage problem, now pushing the industry to its edge?

Healthcare organisations are desperately throwing a lot of money on locum staff to cover shifts during a staffing shortage, all whilst their employees are feeling underpaid and overworked.

Tough questions are being asked in this thought-provoking episode.

Is the dependency on locum staff sustainable? Or is the bubble going to burst?

Is there anything healthcare companies and organisations can do to compete with the locum option?

To answer the tough questions and bring you the answers you’re looking for, we’re joined by

Genevieve Schofield. Genevieve has dedicated 18 years of her life to the healthcare recruitment and HR industry, from her very first credentialling job she found listed in the newspaper, to today where she successfully runs her own agency to help put people into the right roles.

Credentially’s host, Dr. Kit Latham, is all too familiar with overworked and underpaid staffed, having witnessed it first hand in hospitals. Dr. Kit and Genevieve explore the critical role HR plays in keeping our healthcare sector afloat and safe. Like many, you may also be unfamiliar with how HR can fix a multi-million dollar problem of the staffing shortage, worry not, this episode has you covered with insights into medical licensing, locum work and the use of modern technology in recruitment.

This episode is packed with gems on handling the healthcare staffing shortage, and insights into how you can contribute to the solution just as Genevieve has via her company. Genevieve’s insight will surely change your perspective on how we approach hiring clinicians and ensuring they’re safe to practice. With a challenge so crucial to keeping us all safe, tune in to hear Genevieve reveal the biggest asset in her success…

Genevieve Schofield
Owner of NW Credentialing Consultants
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