Credentially's Podcast Ep: 1

HR Industry: The Good, The Bad AND The Ugly.

  • 0:06Introduction
  • 0:57How Julie Turney got started. From being terminated to being a great manager.
  • 4:12The biggest misconception about what HR is.
  • 5:25What should HR be? The eutopia.
  • 10:11How can employees feel like they belong to an organisation?
  • 13:00(summary) 3 biggest mistakes of HR
  • 13:41Automation in HR and motivating HR staff
  • 17:30Does automation make a job less valuable?
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Credentially’s Podcast is here to turn industry misconceptions completely upside down and drop knowledge bombs from some of the world's best healthcare and HR thought leaders.

Join former A&E doctor and Credentially co-founder Kit Latham as he takes a deep dive into the rarely-discussed aspects of the industry — the good, the bad, AND the ugly — and explores the often surprising advice and insights from a special weekly guest.

CAUTION: The knowledge contained in this podcast may totally alter your career trajectory.

“That’s all we’re there for? to hire people, pay people and fire people when you want us to fire people. And fire people without question. Without pushing back. We’re there to execute when you want us to execute. But that’s not what we're there for!”

When you look in the mirror every morning, are you:

  • Fed up with your HR skills being reduced to being the ‘firing squad’?
  • Unsatisfied with your line of work?
  • Ready to hang up the cape?

Before you make the wrong move, our special guest today will change your whole outlook on HR and make you rethink your next career move.

We are very excited to kick off our first episode with the industry-disrupting, Founder of 'HR@Heart Consulting' and host of the ‘HR Sound Off Podcast Show’ — Julie Turner.

With over 15 years of experience in HR, Julie Turney has put her skills into human resource management, becoming a HR career leader and earning herself the title ‘HR for HR coach’. From once also being dissatisfied in her HR job to finding a more fulfilling role in HR, Julie now trains and guides burned-out and frustrated HR Professionals to take control of their careers.

Learn from Julie the real function of HR through a humancentric approach, answering the foundational questions of what is human resources, what human resources do, what is human resource management and where HR leaders are getting it all wrong!

As the modern-day work environment requires the outdated company culture to be reenvisioned and implemented by a team of company architects, Julie will challenge your HR misconception by arguing a very convincing case for HR to be re-engineered as PEOD… Tune in to find out what that is and how managers can create a thriving work atmosphere.

When you think of a HR professional, you should see an architect. If you think of how an architect takes your ideas and makes this really amazing building where you want to build your business or brand in. They take the time to understand your needs to build the space you want.
Julie Turney
HR coach
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