Credentially's Podcast Ep: 7

Raising the Bar: Visiting Angels' Bold Strategy for Conquering Recruitment Challenges

  • 0:25Emily's background and role at Visiting Angels
  • 1:50The importance of caregiver recruitment and retention
  • 3:40Challenges of caregiver recruitment in the home care sector
  • 6:20Qualities to look for in a caregiver
  • 8:00The role of technology in caregiver recruitment and retention
  • 11:20The importance of building relationships with caregivers
  • 13:40The impact of COVID-19 on caregiver recruitment and retention
  • 16:30The role of communication in caregiver retention
  • 19:00Strategies for improving caregiver retention
  • 21:40The importance of training and development for caregivers
  • 23:40The role of compliance in caregiver recruitment and retention
  • 26:00Building relationships with caregivers and balancing efficiency with a human touch
  • 28:00Changes in the recruitment environment in the home care sector
  • 30:00Balancing growth with maintaining core values
  • 31:00Conclusion and final thoughts.

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Looking for insights into the world of home care and recruitment? Look no further than the latest episode of Credentally's Podcast. In this captivating conversation, Dr. Kit Latham, CEO of Credentally, sits down with Emily Feugill, Operations Director at Visiting Angels, to explore the ever-evolving home care industry.

Emily's five years of experience in the home care industry provide a wealth of knowledge and insights that are sure to captivate listeners. She discusses the essential role of building meaningful connections with caregivers while also maintaining the necessary level of efficiency. Emily provides practical advice and shares her experiences of finding the perfect balance between the two to create an optimal experience for everyone involved.

Dr. Latham guides the conversation towards the challenges of recruitment in the modern age and how Visiting Angels adapts to stay true to their core values of providing exceptional care. Emily shares the power of technology, such as artificial intelligence and texting features, and how they can make a difference in recruitment. However, she emphasizes the importance of retaining a personal connection, which is essential in the home care industry.

Visiting Angels' commitment to nurturing strong relationships with caregivers, rather than just treating them as mere numbers, is what sets them apart from other home care providers. Emily highlights the importance of appreciating and empathizing with caregivers, and how their dedication to fostering human connections helps them provide the best possible care to their clients.

This episode is a must-listen for professionals in the home care industry, those interested in recruitment strategies, and anyone who recognizes the vital importance of sustaining a personal touch in our increasingly digital world. So, immerse yourself in this engaging conversation between Dr. Kit Latham and Emily Feugill and gain valuable insights into the world of home care.

Emily Feugill
Operations Director
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