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Case Study: Dr Fertility

About Dr Fertility

As one of the first digital primary care fertility service in the UK, Dr Fertility bridges the gap between GP’s and secondary care to provide people with earlier and easier access to medical advice, fertility testing and emotional support.

Established in 2018, Dr Fertility supports people at the start of their family planning journey with specialist education materials and products, the Dr Fertility mission is to revolutionise fertility care and aim to help people feel more supported and less overwhelmed on their fertility journey.

With a scalable business model, Dr Fertility has ambitions to become a world-leading digital health platform, having already progressed from an eCommerce website for fertility to a digital health service, gaining Care Quality Commission (CQC) status.

Manual processes & spreadsheets

Prior to using Credentially, Dr Fertility didn’t have any systems in place to automate the credentialing aspect of their hiring process.

“As a company, we’re still fairly new” explains Jo Carey who is Head of Compliance at Dr Fertility. “We didn’t use any other systems before we brought Credentially on board, compliance was a manual process.” Currently employing less than 20 employees, the Dr Fertility team are continuing to scale up with services and staff, as Carey explains, “the more services we start to offer, the more clinicians we will need to employ to deliver those services. We're always onboarding someone - it's a constant process, and notoriously difficult to onboard clinicians, especially around compliance.”

Automated credentialing

“One of the main reasons it is difficult to onboard clinicians is compliance,” says Carey.

“Our clinicians have to provide us with a lot of information as part of our due diligence and onboarding processes.”

Understandably, hiring and credentialing clinicians is not a straightforward process, however, since implementing Credentially over 18 months ago, Dr Fertility has found that the software has made the process infallible.

“Credentially is ensuring our processes are done in a clear and ordered way. Everyone's going through that same process and so it is now standardised. It does make it easier.” Continues Carey.

Dynamic dashboards & DBS checks

“Credentially is essential for onboarding our clinicians.” States Carey. “It’s great that we have a dashboard where we can see everyone’s compliance status and what’s outstanding.”

The dashboard functionality within Credentially provides a glance at employee statuses, including the right to work and DBS checks – which are all automated. Having this automated process means Dr Fertility know who is compliant and who has any lapsed or almost expired credentials, which keeps them on track with their clinicians. “If we were doing that manually, working off spreadsheets and separate files, it's easy to lose track of compliance, which can be detrimental to the safety of our patients.”

CQC inspection ready

As a healthcare provider, Dr Fertility is regulated by the CQC, the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England.

“We know we've got an inspection coming!” Carey explains. “They will be keen to know about our recruitment processes, our right to work checks and if we are recruiting safely.”

In addition to safe recruitment, CQC will be looking to see if Dr Fertility has done due diligence with third-party suppliers, as Carey highlights, “we must be 100% sure that we are working in line with guidelines for data, credentialing and safeguarding. When we have our CQC inspection we are confident that we have all the answers ready for them to show Credentially is safe and secure –it adds peace of mind.” Concludes Carey.

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Ready to revolutionise your onboarding & compliance?
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Ready to revolutionise your onboarding & compliance?
See Credentially in Action